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[DPRG] Inexpensive gears

Subject: [DPRG] Inexpensive gears
From: Sluggy! slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Date: Sun Sep 21 22:25:01 CDT 2003

On a related subject, can someone explain how to properly measure the 
pitch of an existing gear so that one might easier locate mates for 
them? I have some really nice small motors with 7 tooth gears of what 
looks like approximately 32 pitch, but I'd hate to order a bunch of 
stuff for them that didn't quite fit.

rljordan wrote:

>What I need:
>"Flat gear" shape like this:
>|            |  |            |
>Not like this flanged shape:
>             __
>             |  |            
>|            |  |            |
>( http://www.servolink.com only sells this type.)
A few people suggested sources of the proper gears, but failing those 
avenues, you might consider getting these servolink gears and machining 
the hub flange off. I have done this with RC model airplane wheels in 
order to adapt them to various gearmotor shafts. With a little planning, 
you can probably produce a jig that will simplify the machine work, 
reducing the chopping of 100 gears to maybe not such a tedious job...



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