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[DPRG] Inexpensive gears

Subject: [DPRG] Inexpensive gears
From: Chuck McManis cmcmanis at mcmanis.com
Date: Mon Sep 22 14:34:00 CDT 2003

Generally "inexpensive" and "gears" can't be used in the same sentence :-) 
However, there are a number of alternatives that work well. One is as follows:

Generally hobby robots do not "stress" gears such that they need stainless 
steel gears to work. So one alternative is to pick a particular pitch and 
pressure angle that you want to "standardize" on and buy a set of gears 
>from Berg or someone (expensive like $300). Then use those gears as mold 
makers to build a mold out of RTV that you can then use to cast plastic 
gears. Using Alumalite (the stuff I've used on my casting page) is pretty 
cheap and the subsequent gears are about 10 - 25 cents each.

I've not done this with Berg's products (yet :-) but I have cast Lego gears 
so that I could have Lego compatible gears to mount on a non-lego motor 
(leave the center solid with a dimple in the center then drill it out to 
the needed size).

At 09:54 AM 9/22/03 -0700, Ted Huntington wrote:
>Many people make their own with a mill, but I
>would like to find already made low cost worm gears (I wonder if there are
>standard metric sizes) to experiment with making robot hands and a robot 
>air bag

You can use threaded rod and threaded brass spacers as inexpensive worm 
gear components.


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