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[DPRG] Walking robot

Subject: [DPRG] Walking robot
From: Sanjay Dastoor sanjayd at uclink.berkeley.edu
Date: Tue Sep 23 23:28:01 CDT 2003

> While I agree that the more efficient way to mimic a two legged walking
> gate is passive dynamic like humans, I feel that we are still a LONG
> way from actually achieving it to the extent that the Japanese have
> with their Honda, SDR-4X, and the likes.... I haven't seen anything 
> mind
> blowing from the US Universities for years.

You also have to remember that the money used to fund these Japanese 
robots is coming from profitable corporations, not government grants.  
Sony and Honda have plenty of their own profits to use in R&D without 
restrictions on how it's to be used or red tape in applying for it.

Also, the Sony and Honda biped behaviors are programmed and tweaked 
over many hours so it will
respond appropriately in demonstrations.  They've also taken 10+ years 
of development.  The bipeds from Cornell, and other universities, have 
been built over much shorter time spans with smaller budgets. Cornell's 
was built in 2 months.  That's why I think they show more promise, 
since their performance is advancing more rapidly.

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