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Subject: [DPRG] Contest Scores
From: William James polymath2000 at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Sep 23 23:30:01 CDT 2003

Actually I have judged a number of times. That is I
I don't disagree on your criteria. But obviously one
judge did. 



--- Bill Boyer <daweasel at swbell.net> wrote:
> >From the current rules:
> "Variable scores are awarded from zero to full scale
> based upon how well
> an objective is met in the judge's opinion. Example:
> 8 points for
> entertainment value for a funny robot versus 2
> points for a boring one.
> Formerly called the same, "Variable" scoring."
> Each judge probably has a different idea for these
> portions. Here are my
> opinions:
> As far as navigation, the more accurate and smoother
> the turns and
> movements, the higher the score. If your robot moves
> like a drunk sailor
> and couldn't find the side of a barn, it scored low.
> If it steered very
> smooth and made perfect 90-degree turns, it scored
> high. 
> On craftsmanship, I look at kit versus Lego versus
> homemade, neatness,
> sturdiness, how easy it is to handle, turn off / on,
> etc... Hot glue,
> tie-wraps and a breadboard that looks like a
> porcupine will most likely
> score low, especially if the robot leaves a trail of
> parts. If its neat,
> tidy, well thought-out and doesn't require poking /
> wiggling to get it
> to work it scores high.
> It sounds easy, but you should try judging some
> time.
> Early on we were trying to establish some guidlines
> for judging these
> categories and possibly weighting them more heavily
> to fix the faster-is
> better-problem. Everyone had such a big cow over it
> we let it slide in
> favor of cleaning up the current rules.
> *************
> > I was looking over the contest scoring. I am
> wondering
> > what was the criteria for scoring the navigation
> and
> > craftmanship portions. 
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