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[DPRG] Walking robot

Subject: [DPRG] Walking robot
From: chris cbrenizer at socket.net
Date: Thu Sep 25 21:35:02 CDT 2003

has anyone seen one up close? i haven't.  but wonder what range of motion
the knees have.  if they will straighten out completely (lock) then i'd
think that it would be a matter of programming, to come up with a more
efficient gait.

unless the weight distribrution is off because of the back pack ect,   in
which case the thing would have to have it's torso bent forward so much that
it wouldn't look right.   or if the gyros or tilt sensors are mounted
internally in such a way that it must keep it's torso upright or at a
certain angle, which might limit what gaits it can do.  but i suspect the
comment about it being able to stop in mid stride etc, might have alot to do
with what they chose.

there might be cultural things to consider too.  or human preferance.  maybe
the robot seems more polite by walking softly like it does.

does anyone know if the software is accessible?  i remember a big flap when
they tried to close down websites for the Aibo (sp?), the little dog,
programming hacks.  and i suspect they have measures in place to prevent
someone from modifying the code.

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