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[DPRG] November's Contest

Subject: [DPRG] November's Contest
From: tester140 at juno.com tester140 at juno.com
Date: Sat Sep 27 23:58:29 CDT 2003

I think this contest needs to have awards consistant with the name of
the contest itself. It is a freestyle contest, and robots should be
according to their uniquness and craftmanship. Frank get your ballet
ready. :-) We need to come up with catagories as some have suggested.

1.) Best Engineered
	First through third place.
2.) Most unique
	First through third place.
3.) Simple award
4.) Fried Award
5.) DaVinci Award for most unique or innovative robot
6.) Most flexable?, ?
7.) Overall winner of all the robots

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian

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>From: "Jeff Koenig" <jkoenig at airmail.net>
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Early this year, it was decided that November's contest would be a new
Talent Show event.  We don't have any rules in place for an event like

(Can you hear the sound of a can of worms opening?)

So...let's discuss!  Do we want to experiment with some kind of new,
rule-less event, or do we want to do a more traditional contest?


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