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[DPRG] build your own segway

Subject: [DPRG] build your own segway
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Sun Sep 28 22:16:00 CDT 2003

That is pretty neat.
Sounds like something you'd like to do Dave?
You can get wheelchair motor units pretty cheap off of Ebay.
The motor controllers aren't that hard to build, much of the design
trouble is deciding which IC H-bridge driver chips to use.
Gyros and accelerometers already exist.
Using a bunch of RC car nicads isn't a problem.

In thinking about it, I wonder if the T-bar handles are really needed. I
remember a number of years ago, where they used to make a 25hp gas
engine (jet ski) surfboard. You'd get it up to speed, stand up and away
you'd go. You used a short flex cable with a throttle trigger unit. They
used to make gas powered skate board a while back too that used
something like that as well.
Anyway a short cable throttle unit with some sort of steering device
would eliminate the danderous T-bar in the way, if it stopped suddenly.

But then one should always wear a helmit in any case.

www.goldmine-elec.com is selling some really nice 24vdc large motors cat
number G14075 for only $5.00 each. These look like they might work for
that purpose, although you'd have to make up a gear or chain drive for
They even have some bigger motors too, but they cost more.

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