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[DPRG] Allen wrench for the Escap motor wheels

Subject: [DPRG] Allen wrench for the Escap motor wheels
From: rten at new.metronet.com rten at new.metronet.com
Date: Mon Sep 29 13:03:01 CDT 2003

Look very closely -- be sure you need allen wrenches instead of spline
wrenches, which look like allen in the smaller sizes. I need a magnifying
glass, but my eyes are old.

On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Charlie W Youngblood wrote:

> Bob,
> 	Yes it is, and in addition to the 2 1" aluminum wheels that
> come with O rings, the kit also has 2 extra aluminum hubs that are
> smaller diameter but are wider, and have grooves in them so that
> you can reduce the rpm directly to the 1" wheels, or could be used
> as a belt drive. Each wheel, hub, has 2 allen set screws all for 6 bucks.
> I think that is a pretty good deal so I got it. I don't have all the
> details
> on the measurements, but I'm sure Jeff V. can fill  you in. I meant to
> bring the kit to RBNO but I forgot to load it up. :-( The set screws are
> tiny but I'm going to look at Home Depot for the allen wrench if I can't
> find one in my tool stash.
> 	Charlie Youngblood
> 	DPRG Librarian
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> From: "rljordan" <rljordan at airmail.net>
> To: "'Charlie W Youngblood'" <chaz128 at juno.com>
> Charlie,
> What is the wheel kit Jeffery is selling?
> Is it for the gearhead motors Mike Kessling
> gave the club members?
> Thanks
> Bob
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