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[DPRG] My Line Following Robot

Subject: [DPRG] My Line Following Robot
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Mon Sep 29 16:15:01 CDT 2003

If it doesn't score well, you haven't met the criteria established for
the event.

Craftsmanship has little to do with weight, size, etc... If it doesn't
look like a turd with wheels and it makes it to the finish line in one
piece you should do ok.

Many of the Lego folks have done very well at line following because
they dealt with all the issues of the course, and not just the speed.

> Keep in mind, I've never been to RoboRama, so it's quite possible things don't work exactly like I think they do.  But here's what I expect.
> First, the robot starts when you press a button.  Nothing fancy.  I think that would cost me points.  Maybe around 10 of the possible 15.
> It will "Reach Area B" and "Return to Area A", and likely "Not touch any walls".  
> But it won't "Stop in Area A upon return".  That will cost it 30 points.  The reason is rather simple.  Because the robot goes so fast, it sometimes goes off the line, when going around corners.  I use this condition to help it adjust how much to correct.  So, it could be hard to differentiate between a big turn, and the end of the course.  (not impossible, by any means)
> The "Navigational Skill" would likely be scored low, because it does bounce around the line.  Again, the result of the speed.
> "Entertainment value": It's not made to entertain.  It's made to follow the line!
> "Craftsmanship value" given that the robot was built to be quite light, it lacks "extra" reinforcement you may build into a heaver, slower robot.
> So, given that the 40 points won for fastest time would be lost in just the first couple catagories, it may not do well, overall, despite being very fast.
> Maybe I'll build a robot just for RoboRama 04a.

> > Why?  (Incase I make one.  It is a good possibility.)

> > I was just looking over the score sheet from the last line following event.  I'm kind of glad my LEGO robot didn't make it to the event.  
> > 
> > While I'm quite confident it would have finished the course in about 1/4 the time of the winning robot, it's quite possible it wouldn't have finished in the top eight in overall scoring.
> > 
> > The actual time appears to be almost insignificant in the final score.
> > 
> > Looks like I need to start preparing, right now, for the next event.
> > 
> > Steve

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