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[DPRG] How to remote edit from DOS ?

Subject: [DPRG] How to remote edit from DOS ?
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Mon Sep 29 17:06:00 CDT 2003

Ok this is a strange problem but it is robot related.

First some background info...  My robot has an onboard 486 single board computer as a brain.
To program the robot I use a laptop connected to it via RS232 cable just like a typical

When have the laptop connected as a terminal I see the "C:\>" prompt remotely just 
as if I were on the onboard PC itself (DOS CTTY command).  I can do any DOS command 
remotely  DIR, DEL, RENAME, COPY, FORMAT.  I can upload my robot code (just like microcontroller)
to "program" the robot.  I can download sensor data my robot has recorded.

Everything is just peachy except for one little tiny missing piece that is driving me
$#%^&!#! The missing piece.  How to remotely edit a file?

Sure there are tons of DOS edit programs that I can execute remotely but these programs
were all meant to have a real keyboard and video screen,  not a remote terminal.

I've been trying to find a DOS version of the "vi" editor that will work since vi is 
meant to work remotely from a terminal.  I've tried several DOS "vi" editors, elvis,
vile, calvin, and vim but no luck.  All of these either need a real keyboard or  
real video.  With elvis I can type on the remote laptop but the display only comes
out the robot VGA port not back to the terminal via RS232.  With vim I get the display
back to the laptop just fine but it only accepts input from a keyboard attached to 
the robot not remotely via RS232. So close! 

Searching the good old newsgroups I found two posts about this problem.  It is claimed that 
elvis works if you set term=ansi. When I try to execute this command in elvis I get the message
"term is locked".  It will not change the terminal from the default "pcbios".

Whew... That was a lot of typing just to explain that I want to edit the freaking AUTOEXEC.BAT

Any ideas are appreciated.



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