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[DPRG] Nuts&Volts

Subject: [DPRG] Nuts&Volts
From: Gordon McComb gmccomb at gmccomb.com
Date: Sun Jan 4 13:23:00 CST 2004

At 08:19 PM 1/3/2004 -0600, Earl Bollinger wrote:
>I found these Cirrus CS-3 servos recently, really small and lightweight.
>I haven't found anyone selling them yet though.

Cirrus is an in-house brand of HobbyPeople.net, which operate the online
store and some local bricks-and-mortar stores in Southern California. They
supply to some other hobby retailers as well. The CS-3 has been on sale for
a while, but are currently back-ordered -- not uncommon for hobby parts
right after the Xmas holidays.

Here is the main page where you can order them, when they become available


These are *tiny* and I once tried to convert one to continuous rotation
with absolutely no success, though it ought to be possible. IMO, they are
too weak for most robotics locomotion tasks, though they'd be okay for some
animatronics applications, like moving small eyeballs or ears.

Almost as small but more powerful is the Cirrus CS-4.4, and it's about $15
cheaper than the CS-3. Quite similar to the GWS PICO servos, though the
PICOs are a tad larger. The latter make for nice minitature walker servos.

-- Gordon

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