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[DPRG] parts info - motors at the jan meeting

Subject: [DPRG] parts info - motors at the jan meeting
From: . zappepcs at earthlink.net
Date: Sat Jan 10 21:49:01 CST 2004

In case anyone was wondering, some of the motors being sold at the meeting today had a nice
little circuit board on it with two hall effect transisters and some other stuff... well that board contains
a motor driver circuit controlled by a PIC16C84. The motor driver is based on the LM18293 part
which can be configured to support bidirectional control of a dc motor up to 36v at 1 amp. A very 
nice little circuit. The pic probably just ensures that the motor wipes back and forth when the shaft
triggers the hall effect transistors, plus moving the blade to the 'not in use' position.

The size of the motors was exactly the size that you see for small dc motors everywhere, with the
gearbox bolting on by two screws. The type motor with a metal case at the shaft end. Any way,
a good deal for 5 bucks. I found the first link while looking for the specs for the 18293. Hope someone
gets some use out of the info.




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