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[DPRG] DPRG Meeting Minutes for Jan. 10, 2004

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG Meeting Minutes for Jan. 10, 2004
From: W. E. Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Sun Jan 11 00:32:01 CST 2004

This month's meeting was attended by 42 people, including 7 guests.

The dates for this year's contests and the annual DPRG barbecue were
discussed. The dates were listed below were approved without objection, but
the final date of the Fire Fighter Contest still needs to be set:
March (date not set) - Firefighter
April 3 - RoboRama I
July 10 - BBQ
July 17 - Table Top I
Sept 18 - RoboRama II
Nov 20 - Table Top II & Talent Contest

The Treasurer, Martin Meier, reported that we have just over $2000 in the
treasury, not counting any membership dues that would be collected that day.

An announcement was made that Kip Morevac would Chair the Rules Committee.
Any issues regarding contest rules should be directed to Kip.

A proposal was made to form a Contest Committee. Traditionally, only a small
handful of volunteers have done the majority of the work involved in
producing our contests and this has often resulted in a shortage of help.
The Contest Committee would recruit and coordinate volunteers prior to each
contest to ensure that the various tasks needed to make our contests
successful are fulfilled, without over burdening any one member. These tasks
would include score keepers, judges, physical setup/tear down, and backup
Master of Ceremonies. Anyone interested in this committee should contact
Brian Merritt, DPRG Vice President.

An announcement was made that Bill Cole would be coordinating the Public
Relations work for the DPRG. Any contact information you feel would be
helpful to the DPRG should be emailed to Bill.

An announcement was made that we are looking for volunteers to teach
workshops, to be held once a month at RBNO. The purpose of the workshops
will be to provide real "hands-on" training on specific projects rather than
just observing a demo or lecture.

Cyndi Rivers has tapes of the September 2003 RoboRama for sale at $12.99

The Articles of Incorporation have been filed with the state of Texas and
the return paperwork is expected back any day now. We will file the Federal
paperwork for tax-exempt status as soon as we get the paperwork back from
the state.

Dale Wheat brought in a stack of catalogs and two small multimeters which
B.G.Micro has donated to the club. He also had a box of small, geared motors
which he sold after the meeting.

David Maxwell of Innovation First, Inc (www.InnovationFirst.com) gave a very
educational presentation that started with some information about the FIRST
contests, covered some background information about his company and
concluded with a show-n-tell about some of the items his company produces
for robotic enthusiast. (David also brought a large collection of robots and
spare parts from kits produced by InnovationFirst that many DPRG members
greatly enjoyed playing with after the meeting ended.)

Sanjay Dastoor gave a very entertaining visual presentation (despite a few
technical problems) featuring pictures and video clips of various robotic
projects that had been worked on at UC Berkley, in California, while he was
studying there. One of the projects involved the Mar's Rover and another was
a mechanical arm powered by artificial muscles which Sanjay himself worked
on as part of his studies.

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