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[DPRG] House Lit Entirely With LED's

Subject: [DPRG] House Lit Entirely With LED's
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Sun Jan 11 07:11:01 CST 2004

I guess no one will be working on eletronics too much in there.
The slight blue/purple shift from the White LED's will make it next to
impossible to read color codes or wire colors properly.

Of course I wonder if it's irritating after a while or not.
Maybe they have something there.

Speaking of LED's, what would make for a good 110vac LED night light
schematic, I could use? I was thinking about using maybe 5 or 6 or maybe
up to 10 high power red LED's as a night light to replace the old
incandescent bulb one.
But there doesn't appear to be much info using some google searches.

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