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[DPRG] FW: "Robot Building for Dummies"

Subject: [DPRG] FW: "Robot Building for Dummies"
From: Ralph Tenny rften at swbell.net
Date: Thu Jan 15 14:27:01 CST 2004

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Subject: "Robot Building for Dummies"
I can confirm our initial impressions of this book. It is an excellent
piece of work and held up to the strictest standards of publishing that
I know.
The book was written by Roger Arrick and published by Wiley Publishing,
Inc. The ISBN number is 0-7645-4067-6; if you can’t locate a copy of
this book, any book store can locate it and place an order.
Thanks to a thorough and accurate index and two (2) Table of Contents
sections, it should be possible to find anything in the book. And, the
book seems to be complete enough that any robot builder can get
“original” ideas or solutions as needed.
It probably is no surprise that some of the discussions in the book
center on Arrick’s "Arobot" and the Parallax BS2 micro.
The “Contents at a Glance” section gives a good view of the book as
shown below.
1.                   Getting Started – three chapters.
2.                   Programmable Robot Prep – three chapters.
3.                   Building a Programmable Robot – four chapters.
4.                   Augmenting Your Programmable Robot – seven
5.                   The Part of Tens – 10 suppliers and 10 safety
Highlights of the book: The ten safety tips, a pull-out "cheat sheet"
showing BS2 pinouts, tap and clearance drills for five common robot
screw sizes, and a Pbasic programmng reference sheet. 
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