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[DPRG] Radio Shack 100 in 1 Experimenters kits.

Subject: [DPRG] Radio Shack 100 in 1 Experimenters kits.
From: tester140 at juno.com tester140 at juno.com
Date: Fri Jan 16 23:35:01 CST 2004

	If no one else has spoken up, It would be cool if you could donate
them to the DPRG Library. Then maybe several of our vendors could donate
a CU, (PIC, Stamp, Oopic, 68XXX, etc), to put with each kit. Now that
make a great experimenters kit for robotics!

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian

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>From: les lyons <llyons at flash.net>
To: JDrumm9015 at aol.com
Cc: dprglist at dprg.org
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 15:58:16 -0600

Would the club, or any members ,have a use for a couple of the Radio 
Shack 100 in 1 experimenters kits?
Grand kids have no interest. I have no time. Seems to be all there. 
Might be good for the stockpile. LL.

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