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[DPRG] RBNO East Menu Items

Subject: [DPRG] RBNO East Menu Items
From: Vicki Taylor vtaylor_dprg at iwon.com
Date: Tue Jan 27 07:44:01 CST 2004

 Onions would be good---  we have mustard, ketchup, relish in the frig at warehouse, as well as potato salad.  See you there after class tonight.  --- On Tue 01/27, Brian Merritt < brian_merritt at juno.com > wrote:
>From: Brian Merritt [mailto: brian_merritt at juno.com]To: dprglist at dprg.orgDate: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 00:52:54 -0600Subject: RE: [DPRG] RBNO East Menu Items

Hows about I bring some onions, pickle relish, and mustard.  Might bring some beans to if I canremember to cook them in time.  Ofcourse I always have my great sense of humor with me, not to mention bymodesty.
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