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[DPRG] FYI on recent virus attack

Subject: [DPRG] FYI on recent virus attack
From: Peter Brunone peter at brunone.com
Date: Wed Jan 28 14:57:01 CST 2004

	To underscore Bill's advisory, I've gotten over a hundred
"replies" to messages supposedly sent from my domain, from email virus
software around the world.  This one's clever; the "From" addresses seem
to be made up of various names spliced together with my domain name, so
we can't even begin to figure out who might be infected.

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>From: dprglist-admin at dprg.org [mailto:dprglist-admin at dprg.org] On Behalf
Of Bill Boyer

Just to show you how serious this latest virus attack has been, I have
deleted probably 75-80 copies which were sent to the list and detained
by our filters. Make sure you do everything possible to protect your
systems -- this thing is apparently pretty nasty.

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