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[DPRG] Frequency-Voltage converter

Subject: [DPRG] Frequency-Voltage converter
From: Ted Huntington thunting at uci.edu
Date: Fri Jan 30 10:47:01 CST 2004

Hi Sanjay

You can  use a PIC to sample the frequency, to 8 bit digital, then change
digital to analog with a TC1320, or similar 8-bit digital to analog chip.
That would be cool if there is a PIC that has a to d and d to a, most only
have a to d.  A simple capacitor measuring device would be useful, and
using a 555 is a good idea.  I guess the frequency should be as high as
possible for various capacitors, in order to measure as many sizes as


Sanjay Dastoor wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm hooking up a circuit which requires me to measure capacitance - the
> easiest method I've found is to use an astable 555 timer circuit which
> outputs a square wave whose frequency is proportional to capacitance
> (that's a mouthful to understand..sorry if it's dense).  Anyhoo, does
> anyone have experience with chips that convert frequency to voltage?
> I've heard fairy tales of such chips, but can't seem to find any good
> info on them.
> Sanjay
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