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[DPRG] Need advice - where to buy servos around DFW.

Subject: [DPRG] Need advice - where to buy servos around DFW.
From: Gordon McComb gmccomb at gmccomb.com
Date: Sat Jan 31 16:48:01 CST 2004

At 02:25 PM 1/31/2004 -0600, W. E. Cole wrote:
> I also need advice on which brands to look at (or not look at). They don't
>have to be high quality or very strong, but although price is a major
>concern, I don't want to end up with complete garbage. What's a typical
>price for cheap servos now days?

For cheap try:

1. Hitec HS-311. Go to http://www.hitecrcd.com/WTB/wheretobuy.html, then
click on the little state of Texas. I note there are several around the
D/FW area that have URLs, e.g. Mike's Hobby Shop Superstore in Carrollton.
Modification of the servo requires drilling out the bottom of the gear. Not

2. Futaba S-148, as noted in another message. The best low-end servo ever
made, IMO. No drilling out required. Many of the hobby stores that sell
Hitec may also sell Futaba, but the Futaba site can also help you narrow
the search:


Type in your Zip code, and the stores are shown as X miles from your location.

3. GWS S03 and S06 series. Harder to find at local stores, but these are
modelled after the S-148, and are modified the same way.

I personally *hate* the Futaba S3003. The gears can crack under stress and,
they require fairly careful drilling out to modify. The harder plastic of
the output gear can cause the the gear to shatter if you're not careful.
God help us if this is the future of servos.

Decent local store prices are around $15, $10 if the store is a heavy
discounter. The S-148 is a bit more expensive, but worth it.

Do note that "officially" the S-148 is discontinued, but people still sell it.

Finally, be sure to consider what you're matching the servo to. The
ready-made wheels like those on the Mark III will not fit Hitec servos.
Futaba and GWS share the same servo spline style.

-- Gordon

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