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[DPRG] [Fwd: I need your assistance please.]

Subject: [DPRG] [Fwd: I need your assistance please.]
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Fri Oct 8 22:46:23 CDT 2004

Please reply directly to Mitch:

Mitch at ximproductions.com

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From: Mitch <Mitch at ximproductions.com>
To: info at dprg.org
Subject: I need your assistance please.
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 11:58:15 -0500

Hi My name is Mitch McDaniel I'm a student at the academy of Irving
ISD.I would ask this at the meeting on October the 9th, but that's my
birthday and I already have other things planned for the day. I am
currently working on a robotics project with my team and we can not
figure out how to get this to work and was wondering if someone could
help us. We are looking for someone who has successfully gotten a robot
to communicate to a computer through serial port. We currently are using
a lego mindstorms kit and need to get our robot to communicate to our
computer. The ways that we believe we can do this is if we connect the
light port which sends a voltage signal down the serial cable and into
the computer, or we could open it up (which we have NOT been authorized
to do yet) and connect it somewhere there.We do not need to send
information back to the robot, just from the robot to the machine. When
a certain thing detected we tell the light to light up in a certain
order and this will send voltages at certain speeds. We were wondering
if there was anyone who could possibly give us any tips on doing such

If you could perhaps check with people at the meeting, even if they know
just a little, please have them email me at this address
(Mitch at ximproductions.com) or post at www.ximproductions.com/forums

Also, in return for your assistance if you ever wanted me to set up a
forum system for your website I would be willing to do so as I have had
lots of experience setting them up. 
Mitch McDaniel, Nick Spencer, Chris Cavazos, Jon Cunningham,
Junia Valente the Academy of Irving ISD inventions/arena competition

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