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[DPRG] pump control, sort of robotic

Subject: [DPRG] pump control, sort of robotic
From: Robert Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Mon Oct 11 16:54:06 CDT 2004


I have seen slow-to-release relays in the past.
I think they were just a diode to convert AC to DC for the relay coil
and a capacitor in series with the coil. Cap size determines hold time
after voltage is released.

A cap on your solid state relay trigger/ input contacts might do
the same thing, depending on the SSR device type.

Hope this helps.
Bob Jordan

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Subject: [DPRG] pump control, sort of robotic

For my brewing system, I have a pump hooked up to
recirculate the wort from a sump tank. I have a float
switch controling a SSR that runs the pump. The
problem is that the throw on the switch is very small
and the pump cycles alot. One thing I am going to do
is install an one way valve on the hose, so the wort
doesn't drain back into the sump tank once the pump
turns off. That fills up the sump again and turns on
the pump. But I would like the pump to run a little
longer, draining the sump tank a little more. Are
there ny other solutions that would delay switching
the pump on and off besides having a microcontroller
hooked to the switch and the SSR.

They all run off of 110volts.


Bill James

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