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Date: Wed Oct 13 08:00:14 CDT 2004

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Subject: seinor project interview
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 20:32:15 -0700

My name is Andrew Shelnutt and I am a seinor at Brawley Union High
School. I will be gratefull if anyone could help me answer the following
questions. Thanks in advance.

      What is the relationship does artificial intelligence have with


      With the advances in modern robotics, will robots become available
to the public in the near future and how will it affect the modern


      Other than physically building a robot, what is to be involved in
the making of a working robot?


      I understand organizations like NASA make robots for space
adventures, what different problems are there to consider since the
robot is to operate in space?


      What are good sides and bad sides to be working in such a complex
field as is robotics?


      What programming methods and programming languages do you use to
program youre robots?


      How more complicated is it to design a user-friendly home-use
robot from an industrial robot?


Thank you for your time

-Andrew Shelnutt


Contact info:

e-mail: andrewbegbie at yahoo.com

Tel.  (760) 344-4711

addr.  1009 Eucalyptus Ave. Brawley, Ca 92227

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