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[DPRG] Flooring...

Subject: [DPRG] Flooring...
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Tue Oct 19 15:45:57 CDT 2004

We had good luck at the old office with masking tape on grey carpet.

At any rate, a white floor will show much more gunk than a dark one, and 
where will we find white paper? Maybe neutral gray photo paper and black 
tape would be a better combination.

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> White floor with black lines makes sense in that there are
> more of those (white floors) around.  I got SR04 to line
> follow pretty well using biege masking tape on a grey-ish
> bare concrete floor, so I don't think the high contrast is
> really all that necessary, one way or the other.
> However ... the black floor sure makes for some dramatic
> pictures:
> http://www.dprg.org/gallery/rr2000a/0001.html
> Gotta take the drama in to account!
> How about we tear up the plywood & 2x4 course and just use
> the bare and sloping concrete?  Sure would give us more room
> at the warehouse.

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