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Date: Wed Oct 20 02:47:00 CDT 2004

David Anderson's suggestion of "tear up the course" is interesting.
I saw it as float (level) the floor (protecting the drain with plastic - so 
could be uncovered)
then paint entire area with epoxy paint -- or maybe concrete stain for 
flatter finish.
Epoxy is only gloss and satin as I understand it.
Similar deal for Oil based enamel which was an earlier thought.
My idea here was long 24' wall and (2) 8' walls could be taken down allowing 
some freedom for other activities.

David's idea was to leave drain exposed as he mentioned. 
He explained at RBNO that building robots that can run only on the course 
tend to be more specialized and less able to operate outside the course. 
(paraphrasing a bit)

At present we a looking at painting the existing deck black using epoxy paint 
Kip and Brian like this idea. If anyone has a small quantity they would be 
willing to donate I would like to do a test area to get a feel for texture / 
ease of cleaning. Also, this might guide some decisions on prep, e.g. do we need 
to sand plywood deck. I have some epoxy paint, but the activator is gloss. I 
might see if I can talk my paint store out of  a few teaspoons of satin 

Again, if we paint the course black, this does not keep us from rolling out 
photo paper.
Especially a line following pattern.

Really since lighting conditions vary between the warehouse and the science 
place there is not a very good way to duplicate course conditions unless a 
cyclone takes the roof off the warehouse then the amount of light hitting the 
course would be about the same.

James and I did  have some interesting discussions on modular course 
I think this is a fun topic. Really would be fun to get ideas - Not to try to 
introduce a new course just yet, but to give people who might want to play 
around with building modular course components some ideas.

Maybe beacons like roomba can use would be the way to go.
I love the idea of a "sun" (bright light on a tripod) that could be located 
by the robot to gain some idea about its direction.

Anyway, I not trying to go off in 50 directions which ultimately could dilute 
other contests.
Well, maybe I am. 

My main question to keep asking is how do we get people fired up about 
building robots?
Maybe thinking about future course possibilities is one way - maybe not?

Maybe seeing Will's quadruped walking robot is a start (which he brought to 
RBNO last night.) Truly awesome machine with seven servos controlled by one of 
Dale's Proto Mega 16 boards.  

I think I want to do a servo driven slug. I have a little less ambition than 
Will right now.

- Ron

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