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[DPRG] Floor Tiles used for Robot Course

Subject: [DPRG] Floor Tiles used for Robot Course
From: Rick J. Bickle rbickle at swbell.net
Date: Wed Oct 20 08:51:22 CDT 2004

The problem I see with the tiles is that the edges will lift up and
cause problems.

Suppose we use 16" white linoleum adhesive tiles, and adhere them to
some 16" ft. square pieces of 1/4" plywood. We can devise a method for
the sections to fit together with wood pins or biscuits so that they
remain flat and lock together. This way, the course could be easily
transported in small sections. It would also be more durable than the


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I finally found the site I was searching for at RBNO (World HQ) last
night, which describes floor tiles used by another Robot Club for their
line following competition course..

Check out Robot Society of Southern California (RSSC)


Towards the bottom of that page they describe in some detail how they
use 12x12 inch floor tiles with a handful of primitive patterns (like 3)
giving them the ability to construct simple to complex line following
courses by "mixing and matching"  tile pieces.  Perhaps a 4th pattern 
containing the perpendicular Start/Stop line should be added.  
Interestingly, they sell (for the cost of materials) individual tile
pieces for robot development.

Ron Grant and I were discussing a similar idea for a portable course
using larger tiles that could be transported in standard autos as
opposed to a large pickup.

Consider this as food for thought.

James Harris

"The whole is often greater than the sum of it's parts.   
     Then again, the parts are often worth more separately.  
          Go figure!"   - jlh


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