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Subject: [DPRG] Flooring...
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Wed Oct 20 19:41:12 CDT 2004

Well in thinking about it, in my opinion. . . 

    I would suggest we simply lay down the white tape onto the floor at the
Science Place,

   or black tape, or silver tape, or gold tape.

Simple, no fuss, no mess, weight down to minimum of a few rolls of tape.

We simp,ly use contrasting tape as compared the the floor at the time.

A roboteer would have to calibrate his robot's sensors for the floor and

When a contest is over we simply pull the tape back up off the floor.

Now we have something that is more like a "real world" experience.

The robot can follow a line on most any floor in this case, it just needs
the appropriate contrasting line to follow.

Some roboteers already have robots that can follow the planet orbits on the
Science place floor, 

So this should not pose a big problem for roboteers.

I think the giant picture window poses the greatest robot hazard that we
have that the other clubs don't.

So what the heck.




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Rick, Small plywood panel idea is interesting. Question is 256 sqft of 1/4
(8 sheets) must weigh 400 lbs + tiles another X 100 lbs.  Would be neat to
find something lighter.

Maybe another option is to keep existing course since we do have new black
photo paper as Brian pointed out.

Maybe could come up with more transportable walls not req. truck.

Still, the idea of a modular course would be fun to play with
One thought is what can you fit in the back-seat of a car? Maybe 4'x2 2/3'
e.g. 1/3 of a 4'x8' sheet of something.

One thought was to create different panels -- some could be elevated with
cutouts for different obstacles... 

Ideally would be neat to create something that people could duplicate at
home, but then we go back to David Anderson who likes the idea of getting to
point where robots can navigate around obstacles found at home. Such robots
could then run on a more variable contest course or area. 

I think this is a place most people want to be, but the trick is how to get
Either we need more time or more hardware and software sub-assemblies.
(and this is moving off topic so I will stop here.)


Oh, and did I mention:

Steve started geting a little bothered last night about some of the clutter
we (Steve, Charlie and I) did some clean up - got rid of a few bits of junk.
Raw materials that people really use for robots are nice - and tools are
nice, but amazing how stuff accumulates. It is kinda like grocery store
bags. Just how many bags of bags do you really need?

Steve mentioned doing more --  like some painting.
Really, the problem I see is that Steve does not like dirt.
We need to keep Steve happy.

My translation of his vision:

Cover or pull everything out of the contest area.
Pull the lights and pressure wash the rafters/joists whatever & brick wall.
Raise the "walls" to the roof along the contest area (sheet rock) to isolate
the dirt
Sheet rock the bathroom/ or panel it + fix hole in ceiling -  to keep the
rats out
Kill the rats or adopt out as pets.
Tape, bed and texture?
Get an airless paint gun and paint everything.
And of course we could do less or MORE.

OK, I am avoiding work on an overdue project 
sorry for the long post.

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