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[DPRG] line following

Subject: [DPRG] line following
From: Steve Hassenplug Steve at TeamHassenplug.org
Date: Fri Oct 22 09:05:08 CDT 2004

> Would like to start a little discussion of the best
> method of line following. It will be white tape on
> black background. The plan is to put tap on an asphalt
> road and have Beerbot following it. The sensors will
> be under Beerbot shielded from most light.
> So what is the best, 1, 2, 3 sensors. And what
> algorithm.

 A few things to think about are:
 1) How sharp are the turns?
 2) How wide is the line?
 3) How fast do you want to go?
 4) How much do you want to "wiggle"?

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