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[DPRG] Line Following- more specs

Subject: [DPRG] Line Following- more specs
From: William James polymath2000 at yahoo.com
Date: Fri Oct 22 13:29:13 CDT 2004

Thanks to all that wrote in so far. 

Here are some more specifications. 

The line width will probably be 1". i.e. masking tape.

Turns are as sharp as I want them. 

His speed right now is less than 1ft/sec. Not too
fast. Don't really need him to go any faster, don't
want to run over small children. 

I don't want to wiggle at all if possible. Beerbot
drives pretty straight right now. 

The plan is to put masking tape on the parking lot and
have the robot run the course there. We are talking
about 100 yard square. Most of the time Beerbot will
be driving pretty straight. I will have 4 wide turns
as he goes around the square. But I also plan to have
him zigzag in front of the tent where he is

>From what I understood what Randy said, He would use
two sensors and "capture" the tape between them. The
sensor that detects the tape and slows down the wheel
on that side, thus turning the robot inward. 

I could see where 4 sensors could reduce the wiggle.
The inner two sensors only reduce the speed of the
wheel a little and therefore the robot stays pretty
straight. On the big turns, the tape quickly slides by
the inner two sensors and the outer two sensors detect
the tape. They would be set up to cause the "slowing"
wheel to slow even more. 
Obviously there would need to be tweaking for this. 

Placement of the sensors on Beerbot would be behind
the front caster as far forward as possible and as low
as possible.

 I do not trust IR sensor in ambient light and there
for would try to make reduce the ambient light as much
as possible. 

Ok, any more comments or suggestions. 


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