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[DPRG] Sumo-bots

Subject: [DPRG] Sumo-bots
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at comcast.net
Date: Sat Oct 23 11:47:24 CDT 2004

Well, it would be nice.
I built a special steel Sumo ring for the big sumo bots to emulate the
Japanese Sumo ring as much as possible. www.lynxmotion.com donated the steel
ring part, painted with nice epoxy black paint too. I built the frame to
hold it. I hope it's still Ok after all this time.
The ring is suitable to use for the sumobots with magnetics or vaccum assist
devices too.

Anyway, my son and I have two sumo bots. DPRG has photos, from one of the
table top barbeque contests last year, showing the ring and one of my bots.

Randy Dumse of www.newmicros.com has another sumo bot as well. But like me
he stopped messing with it when it was only him and us that had the bots
around here.

The ring is a bit big and heavy to move around so I would suggest using it
at the warehouse for now.

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Hi all,

Quick question.

Does anyone have 'B' or 'C' size mini-sumo robots made for the contests? 
I'd like to start making larger ones, but would like to have some

If I could get a general count of how many 8" or 12" sumo-bots we may have 
in the club, that would be great, mm-kay?


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