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[DPRG] Bruce Shapiro and friends at FW Science Museum MindFest 2004

Subject: [DPRG] Bruce Shapiro and friends at FW Science Museum MindFest 2004
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Tue Oct 26 10:13:54 CDT 2004


 > I am a member of the Austin Robot Group and would love to see the 
pictures you took of EggBot, Sisyphus, etc

I'm going to try to talk R. Steve Rainwater into putting up some of 
these pictures on the DPRG web site.  My site lacks the bandwidth for 
such shenannigans.  :(

 > There are two of us in the Austin group who would like to build 
EggBots also, so I appreciate hearing of your AVR adaptation and any 
software news.

Bruce's existing circuit already has a step&direction driver built in, 
so it only takes 4 output lines to control both axes.  I added a home 
switch to the pen so it could align itself on power up, and a couple of 
buttons.  Right now it homes the pen and moves to the center when reset, 
moves to the "egg loading" position when another button is pressed, and 
goes into a demo mode when the last button is pressed.  The first demo 
mode just drew a diagonal zigzag on the egg, but my *new!*improved!* 
version draws segments of random length.  I've also added a global pen 
speed variable.  You're welcome to the C code as it stands if you're 


Dale Wheat
(972) 486-1317

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