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[DPRG] beginner microcontroller options

Subject: [DPRG] beginner microcontroller options
From: David D Ellis ellis76016 at comcast.net
Date: Thu Sep 2 22:43:02 CDT 2004


It's been mentioned but I have to put my 2 cents in for the Parallax Basic

This $79.00 kit (see below) comes with a development board (microcontroller
and breadboard) , uses Basic as it's language (supplied with a good IDE), a
very good tutorial (What is a Microcontroller), all the parts you need to
complete the tutorial, including a servo. I used it to construct my first
robot. See: http://home.comcast.net/~ellis76016/robots/derobot01/

You can download the tutorial manual to check it out. See:
http://www.parallax.com/ and

"As of September 2nd, the Summer Special is only available from select Radio
Shack stores and Radio Shack's web site.  To check local availability visit
the preceding link to search by zip code.  This popular kit features the
HomeWork Board project platform with a surface mount BASIC Stamp 2 along
with the What's a Microcontroller? 350 page guide.  Also included is a
components pack to support you in building over 40 projects!"

I must say that I'd also like to try New Micro's TiniARM. See:


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