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[DPRG] Contest Rules Question : navigation guides

Subject: [DPRG] Contest Rules Question : navigation guides
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Tue Sep 7 12:21:51 CDT 2004

Different people may have different interpretations, but here is my opinion.

I would say navigation guides outside the course are O.K., navigation 
guides inside the course are not O.K.

Examples outside the course:
Earth's magnetic field (compass)
Using lights in the building to guide off of.
Using your own indicators (outside the walls of the course).

Examples inside the course:
White lines from start area to the cans.
Led's flashing to indicate where something is.
Wire to follow, instead of line.

What are other opinions?


At 11:32 AM 9/7/04, you wrote:

>This is an area not covered in any rules set :
>Is it legal to place alternative navigation guides on the course during a 
>run?  I haven't seen anyone do this but I don't see it being banned by the 
>rules.   Has there been a previous ruling on such a thing?
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