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[DPRG] Contest Rules Question : navigation guides

Subject: [DPRG] Contest Rules Question : navigation guides
From: Mr S szinn_the1 at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Sep 7 13:12:12 CDT 2004

It seems to me that if your robot drops off a beacon,
but picks it up off the course again as a requirement
of finishing the run, it shouldn't make any difference
to the other parts of the competition. The robot still
has to navigate the course as well as use the
'additional navigation aids'

I know that opens up a lot of possibilities, say a
robot that can lay down two IR transceivers on either
end of the course etc. but having to pick them up
again is part of the time it takes for the run, so it
isn't much value.

It might be possible to use a laser beacon to run a
straight course on the Quick Trip or something of that
nature, but if the robot fails to pick up the beacon
again, it should be deemed to have not finished the

Either way, if someone has a robot that can use an
external navigation aid, it would make great
show-n-tell or entry in the free-form category.

An odd thought: If a robot doesn't follow the line all
that well, it loses points. If the robot with an
additional navigation aid that doesn't follow it so
well.... should this cost points? And how would the
judges know?

I can see the value in an explorer robot that leaves a
beacon / relay transcevier at every point where it
starts to lose communication with home-base, or the
last beacon, but these would need to be recovered at
the end of the exploration mission. By explorer robot,
I'm thinking caves, building rubble, industrial
accident sites etc. This way you have a tele-operated
robot that doesn't have to drag cables, or something
along those lines anyway.

(just stirring the pot a bit)


--- Kipton Moravec <kip at kdream.com> wrote:

> Different people may have different interpretations,
> but here is my opinion.
> I would say navigation guides outside the course are
> O.K., navigation 
> guides inside the course are not O.K.
> Examples outside the course:
> GPS,
> Earth's magnetic field (compass)
> Using lights in the building to guide off of.
> Using your own indicators (outside the walls of the
> course).
> Examples inside the course:
> White lines from start area to the cans.
> Led's flashing to indicate where something is.
> Wire to follow, instead of line.
> What are other opinions?
> Kip
> At 11:32 AM 9/7/04, you wrote:
> >This is an area not covered in any rules set :
> >
> >Is it legal to place alternative navigation guides
> on the course during a 
> >run?  I haven't seen anyone do this but I don't see
> it being banned by the 
> >rules.   Has there been a previous ruling on such a
> thing?
> >
> >thanks,
> >
> >Steven
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