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[DPRG] Contest Rules Question : navigation guides

Subject: [DPRG] Contest Rules Question : navigation guides
From: Charlie W Youngblood chaz128 at juno.com
Date: Tue Sep 7 13:20:42 CDT 2004

	The short answer is yes, as long as the navigation guide
doesn't damage the course or cause bodily injury. The guide would
have to be "placed" by the robot to maintain it's autonomy. The only
 "alternative" thing would be the method of guidance. Most robots have
on board guidance. Sonars, IR detectors,bump sensors, etc. If the robot
was to drop a beacon at the start area or along the way, then that would
be alternate. This would add to the difficulty of opperation, but
would gain in overall points.

Charlie Youngblood
DPRG Librarian
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From: Steve Bolen <Steve.Bolen at dalsemi.com>
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Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 11:32:56 -0500 

This is an area not covered in any rules set :

Is it legal to place alternative navigation guides on the course during a
run?  I haven't seen anyone do this but I don't see it being banned by
rules.   Has there been a previous ruling on such a thing?


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