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[DPRG] [Fwd: Question re: IR communication between toys]

Subject: [DPRG] [Fwd: Question re: IR communication between toys]
From: W.E.Cole wecole at ev1.net
Date: Sat Sep 11 11:40:06 CDT 2004

When did those annoying Furbies come out? They talk to each other by IR.


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Subject: [DPRG] [Fwd: Question re: IR communication between toys]

> Please reply directly to Julie at jahaut at yahoo.com
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> Subject: Question re: IR communication between toys
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> With all of the collective robotics knowledge of your members, I am
> wondering if you can help me find an answer to the fact scenario below. 
> Please feel free to forward this e-mail to your members.  
> A client has asked that I locate some prior art to invalidate a patent.
> I am wondering if you are aware of any robots or toys that communicate
> via infrared between one another. I am specifically looking for a toy(s)
> that can interact as follows:
> a. toy 1 is activated and transmits an instruction/code via IR signal to
> toy 2
> b. toy 2 receives the IR signal and performs or reacts (motion or
> speech) to the instruction/code in the IR signal.
> The two toys need to be able to communicate back and forth. The
> difficult part of my task is to locate either toys, robots or
> publications that disclose this activity and be dated prior to April
> 1996. I would also be interested in talking to someone that may have
> created a device before April 1996 that performs the above activity, but
> never became a toy, robot or was published in an article. Please let me
> know if you can help me out. I would like to find an answer before Sept.
> 15, 2004.
> I am aware of the Lego programmable brick.  I also found a toy called
> LaserCommand (Kenner toy) that is close to what I am looking for,
> however, it appears that the truck does not communicate back to the
> other spaceship-like vehicle.
> In the meantime, I will continue to browse the web for an answer. Thank
> you for your consideration. Feel free to call me (414-225-4980) if you
> have any questions or need clarification.
> -Julie
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