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[DPRG] RoboRama Scores 9/18/2004

Subject: [DPRG] RoboRama Scores 9/18/2004
From: Drummond, John j-drummond1 at ti.com
Date: Tue Sep 21 12:49:07 CDT 2004

  Thanks to all who attended RoboRama as either a competitor, audience, or volunteer.

  I would like to especially thank the volunteers who make events like this happen.

  Martin Meier
  Charlie Youngblood
  David Ellis

  Teresa Trotman

  Hauling and setup 
  Martin Meier

  Martin Meier

  Many others assisted through out the competition and afterwards taking the course apart, THANKS!

  The scores are as follows:

Line Following
1. As seen on TV          Scott Gibson       247
2. No Name                  Scott Gibson       223
3. Navigator 2                Dale Wheat          28

Quick Trip
1. Tip                            Ron Grant           197
2. Navigator 2                Dale Wheat         185
3. Mayhem                    Brian Merritt        171

1. Tip                           Ron Grant            257
2. N-Bot                       David Anderson    220
3. Gamma                    Eric Sumner        179

1. SR04                       David Anderson   673
2. Gamma                    Eric Sumner       208
3. Navigator 2                Dale Wheat         35

Best Engineered           David Anderson     SR04
Fried                            Dale Wheat          Navigator 2
Da Vinci                       Eric Sumner         Gamma

John Drummond

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