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[DPRG] Software donation from Atman Electronics

Subject: [DPRG] Software donation from Atman Electronics
From: dale at dalewheat.com dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Wed Sep 22 23:05:59 CDT 2004

I wrote to the fine folks at Atman Electronics, who make a superb IDE 
for the GCC compiler/AVR flavor, and asked for a donation of a license 
or discount for the DPRG.  Their immediate response:

 >> Yes, we can donate some licenses to your DPRG, please feel free 

 >> Best Regards
 >> Guohui Wang

That was easy!  I've downloaded the latest version (4.3) and will be 
installing it on all the Windows machines on our network at the 
warehouse next Tuesday (RBNO).

A couple of "thank you" emails to info at atmanecl.com from the DPRG brass 
would be appropiate, methinks.


Dale Wheat
(972) 486-1317

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