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[DPRG] the soldering iron on the mass-marketing (cold heat?) soldering iron

Subject: [DPRG] the soldering iron on the mass-marketing (cold heat?) soldering iron
From: Ken Comer me at kencomer.com
Date: Fri Sep 24 08:11:03 CDT 2004

I am aware that, if it seems to be too good to be true, it usually
isn't and this definitely falls into that category. There's a
mass-market TV ad that comes up pretty often (I think it's mostly
scifi channel) that shows a soldering iron that heats "up to 800
degrees in seconds" and "cools off within a few seconds of use so
that you can just stick it in your pocket" (those are approximate
quotes, but I believe them to be representative of what was said).

Has anyone tried one?
The UN, the CDC and the WHO all say in blunt, unequivocal terms, "A
flu pandemic is inevitable." Maybe not to your town and maybe not
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The life you save will be someone you kiss, someone you hug, or
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Subject: RE: [DPRG] Repair parts for a Weller WCC100 solder station?

> At 09:43 PM 9/23/2004 -0500, Bill Boyer wrote:
> >Several places sell the Hakko knock-offs for under $50 -- the real
> >is $100 -- they have them at Fry's. The Hakko units are far
superior to
> >the Weller irons in a production environment.
> My experience with the Hakko has been that its not quite as quick
to get to
> temperature nor does it regulate as well as my Weller WSD station.
> tells me I should get a Metcal iron and then I'll "really" know
what a
> decent soldering iron is like but I've not yet caught one on ebay
> decided to pony up the extra bucks. On the road I *really* like the
> Pyropen.
> --Chuck
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