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[DPRG] Call for members (OT & LONG)

Subject: [DPRG] Call for members (OT & LONG)
From: David M. ElectroDFW at webtv.net
Date: Tue Sep 28 11:13:49 CDT 2004

Hi gang,

While I was at the NBC 5 thing, I, probably like many of you, walked
around to the various booths during the show. I signed up for passes  to
Hyena's Comedy Club, thinking nothing would come of it. Well, they
called Monday and, well, to get to the point, I need to know if about
fifteen of y'all would like to see Alex Reymundo, one of the original
"Latin Kings of Comedy" this Saturday, the 2nd of October at 7:00 pm
(doors at 6) 

Requirements are:

21 and over,

Member in good standing of the DPRG
Can be in Arlington, TX this Saturday evening,
(360 and Arkansas Ln.)

The only thing they're asking my guests to pay for is the two-item
minimum (per person) order. This can be food, alcohol, or non-alcoholic
beverage. So, you need to be able to cover that.

Parking is free, and with these passes, there is no cover charge.

I need whoever would like to do this to email me privately by 10:00 am
Wednesday morning to let me know. Please include all your relevent
phone number(s) so I can reach you with any extra info, and let me know
if you want to include family members(#), or SO's. 

I can accept up to 15 responses from the list, but if 15 or more want to
come, the first 15 to respond will be chosen. Of those 15, anybody they
bring with them will need to pay the $10 entrance fee. If less than 15
respond, then guests of those will get passes up to the fifteen member
limit, priority given in order of response 

Now, I need to let you know that this is all contingent on my calling
them Wednesday with the password they gave me Monday (which I wrote
down, hopefully correctly.) At that time, I need to let them know how
many passes I need. After that, I will let whoever RSVP'd know the

Points to remember:

- Alex Reymundo
- Hyena's in Arlington
- Sat. Oct. 2nd
- 7:00 pm (plan for 6-6:30)
- RSVP by 10:00 am Wednesday, Sept. 29
- Reply to <mailto:ElectroDFW at webtv.network>
- Tentative until after that time

I'm listed in the N.E. Tarrant phone books (Martineau, Lois & David) if
anybody needs clarification, but RSVP by email.

Sorry for the off-topic (and long-winded) post, but I know of no other
people to invite.


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