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[DPRG] dsPic micros

Subject: [DPRG] dsPic micros
From: Ed Koffeman edk at kinetric.com
Date: Tue Feb 1 14:06:52 CST 2005

Hi, Scott.

Yes, I was using them.  I have found them easy to program.

There was a free C compiler available on the Microchip website, based on

The only surprise was how hot the chip gets when running at full speed.

I'm using an ICD-2 debugging and programming pod with the DSPic demo board.
The Microchip programming environment works great. I did not pursue the
product design I was working on so I haven't designed one into a board yet.

Ed Koffeman

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> Subject: [DPRG] dsPic micros
> Is anyone using these, quite capable processors? If
> you are using them, I'm interested in finding out
> personal experiences with programming them, what
> programming setup you are using.
> Thanks
> Scott
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