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[DPRG] Walmart specials - M5 Tank - not at all stores

Subject: [DPRG] Walmart specials - M5 Tank - not at all stores
From: JDrumm9015 at aol.com JDrumm9015 at aol.com
Date: Wed Feb 2 19:14:04 CST 2005

  After reading about how cool this deal was I stopped at two Walmarts on my way home.  Central Expressway and Midpark (across from Texas Instruments) and Central Expressway and Spring Creek Parkway (Plano).  Both stores had numerous M-5 tanks for sale, and at both stores they were still $149.  I told them I thought they were on sale at the Garland store for
$50, and the clerk looked at the barcode scanner display and said "not here" (or words to that effect).

  Oh well, its not like I needed another robot project......damn.

John Drummond 

In a message dated 2/2/2005 3:06:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, "W.E.Cole" <wecole at ev1.net> writes:

>I went by the Garland Walmart again today. They only have one of the 1/6th
>scale M5 tanks left...and it's way up on the wall and easy to over look,
>which is probably the only reason it's still there. We played with mine at
>RBNO last night and I think everyone agreed it was a great deal for $50.
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