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[DPRG] Cheap SLA batteries at Walmart

Subject: [DPRG] Cheap SLA batteries at Walmart
From: Ken Comer kencomer at kencomer.com
Date: Thu Feb 3 07:11:07 CST 2005

on 2/2/05 5:37 PM, DeltaGraph at aol.com wrote thusly:

> I bought an 8 pack of AA Ni-Hh batteries last night at Walmart for about $17
> Maybe they are stretching the truth but rating is 2.5 Ah.

I tend to believe them about the Ah. They usually seem to tell the truth (or
something reasonably close).

The stretching comes from the fact that you're not getting the 1.5v per
battery you get with regular AAs (about 1.2v usually, sometimse more just
after charge) is where the cheating comes in. To match that 12v cell, you
need 10 batteries.

I tried finding 5- and 10-battery holders so as to make rechargeable 6v and
12v units. I remember that I found the 5-battery holders somewhere, but I
later could not find it again after a looong search. You'd think that they'd
be more common. 

I finally ended up making my own with wire and tape. It works, but it's a
pain. I keep threatening to go make a wooden holder with a foam spacer
instead of springs, but the woodpile knows me well enough that it isn't
shivering its timbers.

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