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Subject: [DPRG] Re: Battery Holders
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Thu Feb 3 09:18:33 CST 2005


>I tried finding 5- and 10-battery holders so as to make rechargeable 6v and
>12v units. I remember that I found the 5-battery holders somewhere, but I
>later could not find it again after a looong search. You'd think that they'd
>be more common. 

I have been buying my battery holders from mail order from Mouser Electronics 
in Fort Worth. No minimum purchase and the stuff arrives in a day. 

I am using 6 and 10 cell packs. 

You could always use a jumper wire to eliminate a battery in a 6 pack to make 
it a 5.

I like the springs because if you short out the battery pack the springs melt 
and retract opening up the circuit. At least that has been my experience 
about 4 times.

A fuse is a better idea, but they often introduce a safety factor that makes 
me uncomfortable. Plus, who can whine about a blown fuse at a robot club 
meeting. Melted battery pack springs is at least a little more impressive.

Of course for robot use a box to encapsulate batteries in loose packs is a 
Tape strikes me as kind of messy.

I am liking the 2x5 "AA" pack versus say 1X10 "AA" pack. Seems like the pack 
is more sturdy and less inclined to warp under tension from batteries and 

Maybe I should go for the pre-assembled RC battery packs. I see they are 
pretty reasonably priced these days...


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