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[DPRG] Cheap SLA batteries at Walmart

Subject: [DPRG] Cheap SLA batteries at Walmart
From: Mr S szinn_the1 at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Feb 3 10:38:08 CST 2005

--- Ken Comer <kencomer at kencomer.com> wrote:
[ snip ]
> I tried finding 5- and 10-battery holders so as to
> make rechargeable 6v and
> 12v units. I remember that I found the 5-battery
> holders somewhere, but I
> later could not find it again after a looong search.
> You'd think that they'd
> be more common. 

Did ya ever notice how hot dogs come in packs of 10,
but the buns come in packs of 8! ????

It is part of the great commerce conspiracy, designed
to ensure that you buy more product than you need, and
will have left overs for which you will have to buy
more product to go with it. In the case of the hot
dogs, you have to buy 4 pks of hot dogs and 5 packs of
buns to get an even match... how long does it take to
eat 40 hot dogs?

As for batteries, that space for the sixth battery
makes a great place to put the fuse and a switch. Now
that is what they should sell, an AA battery sized
fuse holder with a switch in it!

The trouble with battery holders is that six 1.5v AA
alkaline batteries is 9v, and five 1.5v AA alkaline
cells is 7.5 volts... who would make a 7.5v battery

Come to think of it, if you cut up the extra two hot
dogs in to four pieces each, they will fit on the
buns, filling them completely, and therefore you only
need 8 buns for a 10 pk of hot dogs? 1.25 hot dogs per

Perhaps the world just needs some spring clips for AA
batteries that come in .3v and .6v sizes???

Sounds like a job for an enterprising young college
student with plastic molding skills?

BTW, it is possible to get 10 cell AA battery holders:
Which is 12v NiMH, and 15v alkaline... who uses 15v
battery packs?


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