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[DPRG] recomended Atmel compiler? Help!

Subject: [DPRG] recomended Atmel compiler? Help!
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Thu Feb 3 12:54:32 CST 2005

There was an RKV BASIC for the AVR as well  -- 4 or 5 articles in N&V a year 
or more ago. Not as many features as BASCOM, but at least the developer 
didn't have an attitude when you asked about features comparable to the 

You could always do the free GCC C compiler, or grow some huevos and do 

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I've been using a demo version of BASCOM to program
Atmel (AVR) microcontrollers since discovering them.
This worked out pretty well. The compiler was free (my
kinda price) and readily available. It also supported
a wide range of products. And until last night, I
remained blissfully ignorant the demo-version's
built-in limitations. It was then, that I ran into the
2K code limit of the demo compiler.

With the table-top contest approaching in less than
three weeks, my options are limited.

1) Pay for a full version of BASCOM? I could go for
that, if I could find vendor in the USA. The only
place I know to get it, is ordering from overseas.
2) Find another compiler/IDE that isn't subject to
these limitations, but is still readily available and
reasonably inexpensive? Can anyone here recommend a
good one?
3) Just program in assembly? (That's not gonna happen)

What do you guys recommend?

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