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[DPRG] February 2005 meeting

Subject: [DPRG] February 2005 meeting
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Thu Feb 3 15:19:39 CST 2005

Please plan on attending the February 2005 monthly meeting of the DPRG.

The meeting will be on 12 February 2005 (not this Saturday, but next 
Saturday) at The Science Place in Fair Park, starting at noon.

Our feature presentation will be on the topic of sonar, and will be 
broken into two sections.  The first section, presented by DPRG Vice 
President Ron Grant, will cover the basics of sonar and its application 
as a robotic sensor.  Ron will be demonstrating several inexpensive 
sonar products and their applications, and how to interface them to your 
robots and other projects.  The second section will be presented by John 
Swindle, and will cover more advanced applications of sonar.  Breakout 
sessions after the regularly scheduled meeting will allow attendees 
greater access and "hands on" opportunities.

We will also have a short "Introduction to Table Top Robotics" 
presentation to  demonstrate the ins & outs of our up-coming Table Top 
competition, which is scheduled for the following Saturday (19 February 
2005), also at The Science Place.  Both Table Top courses will be 
available for inspection and limited runs.  A further breakout session 
is planned to allow course time for those that can't make it to the 
weekly RBNOs in Garland.  Bring your Table Top robots, and be prepared 
to show them off!

Bill Cole will be bringing a catalog of available hardware and software 
from the club library for member perusal.  We hope to (again) make this 
a regular feature of our monthly meetings.  Yet another benefit of being 
a DPRG member!

As always, please feel free to bring friends, kids, and anyone else you 
want to impress to the meeting.  Oh... and don't forget the robots! 
Folks needing assistance with loading/unloading robots, equipment or 
presentation materials should contact us ahead of time.  We're more than 
happy to help!

I look forward to seeing you there!


Dale Wheat
(972) 486-1317

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