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[DPRG] Re: recomended Atmel compiler? Help!

Subject: [DPRG] Re: recomended Atmel compiler? Help!
From: ethan at bufbotics.org ethan at bufbotics.org
Date: Fri Feb 4 13:57:28 CST 2005

-Old Dog- said:
> Yeah, Atman looks pretty good so far.
> I got one question (so far). It looks like I need to
> supply my own program to interface with the atmel
> dongle. Or is this burried somewhere in the IDE, and
> I'm not not accessing it correctly?

I use Atman for writing my C programs for AVR.  The IDE is nice, and the
vendor gives really good support. Just this week I asked a technical
question and got a fast answer, plus they turned around an update of the
software with one of my suggestions incorporated almost overnight.

For downloading to the microcontroller, I use AvrIsp from Atmel for
hardware, and AvrDude for software.

Atman has a "Programmer" command that can invoke AvrDude directly which
makes it really easy to use.


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