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Subject: [DPRG] PC World Article
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at spectronics.us
Date: Fri Feb 4 16:25:15 CST 2005

John, the actual quote from you was:

"He's been making the coolest robots for a long time," Drummond says.

The "long time" may have also have impressed on them that he was "middle

You could have just said "He has been making the coolest robots, better than
any from the young whippersnappers in Seattle." :)  (Then they probably
would have thought you were a grandpa.)


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  Hey, I didn't mention you were male and middle aged, you should have kept
that information to yourself during the phone interview and just stuck with
what I told them - "...coolest robots..." that doesn't lock you into any

John Drummond

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>New robotics article on the February online PC World:
>with a nice mention of your's truly: "male and middle-aged."
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