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[DPRG] Atmel Comparison

Subject: [DPRG] Atmel Comparison
From: Bill Boyer daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sat Feb 5 23:43:13 CST 2005

When you design a board for production, you typically put in some extra
vias so you can run the board on a tester. In some cases you can use the
same bed-of-nails fixture to do the programming. 

Sometimes you can get lucky at Fry's -- Rick and I spotted a
60-something pin chip-clip marked for $4 -- Mouser gets $50+ for it. 
Now that we have the CNC router working well, we plan to make some test
fixures with pogo pins. I can forsee us doing a similar setup for
programming when we go into production on some of the bigger boards.

>  > ...or you can set up a chip-clip as a programming connector.
> An excellent idea!  I've thought of it before but never did it.  The 
> thing to remember if you're going to do that (and solder the chip into 
> the board directly) is to leave enough room around the chip so you can 
> physically get the clip onto the chip.  I once designed a "programming 
> adapter" that was so "efficient" with the connector spacing that you 
> couldn't actually plug the cable in - it was too close to the chip!  I 
> had to shave off the plug key to get it to fit. :(  The 2nd generation 
> programming adapters (for the 8 pin DIP AVRs and AT90S2313 20 pin 
> devices) has plenty of room.

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